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Art Stocks and Funds

Company Listing / Currency YTD 2014 Market Cap
Sotheby's NYSE / USD -24.45% 2732M
Artprice.com Paris / EUR 16.03% 109M
Collectors Universe NASDAQ / USD 7.69% 157M
Stanley Gibbons London / GBP -10.33% 144M
MCH Group Zurich / CHF 3.61% 371M

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Art Industry Calendar

International Art Industry ForumInside Collecting: Design, Management, Finance
Madrid, February 21, 2014

Skate's and ARCO Madrid present International Art Industry Forum, Madrid.

As part of ARCO 2014 in Madrid, the forum brought together experts to discuss collection design, management, and finance from the perspectives of private collectors, corporations, and museums.

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Art Market Budapest

Skate's Online Education

Skate's launched ONLINE ART EDUCATION - a series of comprehensive art industry courses led by leading art world academics and practitioners.

"Art is no longer just an emotional asset but also it has become an investment one. Understanding this process is really hard and the Skate's Online Art Business Course provides a perfect bridge between art, business and finance. I was really impressed by a selection of topics, as this course (part 1 and 2) covered all key aspects, and by the lecturers as they were people who know art market not only from the theory but mainly from the practice. I look forward to the part #3!" (Karolina Prawdzik, the course participant)

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Skate's Art Industry Hangouts

Episode 4: Online Art Auctions

The fourth episode is focused on online art auctions. During the recent years there was an increasing attention towards online auction sales, performed by established brick and mortar auction houses adding virtual option to the existing model or newcomers focusing specifically on the innovative way of conducting sales.

The current Skate's Hangout addresses the leading players of online auction trading from around the world, discussing the current state of this challenging area, this best ways of entering and operating in this business and opportunities related to the current and emerging collectors.

Moderator: Pierre Naquin, the founder of art media agency A&F Markets
Participants: Christiane Herzhauser, VP of corporate communications of Auctionata, Stephan Ludwig, Executive Chairman of Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions and Noble Investments, Alexander Gilkes, Co-Founder of Paddle8

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Our proprietary database of the world's 5,000 most valuable artworks based on publicly-reported auction prices.

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